What are you calling in for 2021?

Setting Powerful Intentions for 2022

Think of your future self. Do you have anything specific you want to cover in terms of goals and vision for the year ahead? Anything at all, it can be related to business/ personal/ love/ friendship, anything you want to feel into for the year ahead.

For me this year I decided to anchor into setting a focus word for the year ahead. In 2022 I am calling in more ‘Pleasure’ into my life and business.

⁠Our words and thoughts create our worlds. Pick one or more focus words.

✨Think of how you want to feel, be and what you want to be doing.

✨Take your time, feel into them and make sure they resonate with you.

Once you have chosen what you would like to call in, now maybe ask yourself what simple ways can you invite it in.

Firstly give space and acknowledging what is already here, for example for ‘Pleasure’ I wrote a list of all the little and big things in my life/business that bring me joy and satisfaction. Then reviewing the list, I reflected on how I could consciously expand on any of those. How can I invest in them more? Do they need more time or other resources? Can I block off time in my calendar for those activities? Or maybe review my client/work hours so I can go for a walk at sunrise/sunset more often. If one revenue stream brings me more joy should I concentrate on growing that over an area that feels less satisfying.

Now I am going into 2022 with gratitude and acknowledgment of the abundance of pleasure I already have and ready to cultivate new ways to allow it to grow and expand further.

Using some of the prompts below, look towards the year ahead, what do you want to call in? What are you envisioning? 

  • Weaving your dreams / What is your vision for 2022?
  • Which key aspects of your business are your focus?
  • What feels really important for you to achieve and why?
  • What learning do you know you want to call in?
  • Where do you need to stretch yourself?
  • Who are you impacting in your business?

“I often say that love is a four-letter word spelled T-I-M-E. Time. While our inner resources are limitless, our time and energy are limited. They run out. If you work or are in school; if you have children, a relationship, friends; if you volunteer, exercise, or belong to a book club, support group, or house of worship; if you’re caring for an aging parent or someone with medical or special needs—how do you structure your time so you don’t neglect yourself? When do you rest and replenish? How do you create a balance between working, loving, and playing?” Dr. Edith Eger,The Gift

A few Invitations

  • Be patient and kind towards yourself – Self compassion, life is a series of steps and change. Be forgiving and accepting of yourself. Take care of your needs. Where do you need to ask for support?Allow yourself to find and follow your own rhythm, not the one society pushes. Less forcing, more flow (even if it’s slow!).
  • Reflect – What does 2022 look like for you? Start to think about words, experiences, expectations and dreams…
  • Practice Grounding – Taking walks in nature and noticing the flowers and trees, experiencing with all of your senses. Get to know your root chakra whenever you feel completely drained of energy check in with your root chakra. Develop your vision, it’s ok if its not clear yet, but if you don’t know where you are heading this is very ungrounding. Clarity helps to give you direction, purpose and anchors you – planning with softness.

If you would like more support or to explore this further, get in touch and book a coaching session with me.



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