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Together Strengthening You and Your Business

Weaving Women is about creating a community and container to support you on your journey to weave a business aligned with you.  It is a combination of workshops, coaching and peer learning, it is not seeking to replace networking.  Community and networking are at its core but it is with a specific intention of giving you a safe space to align with your business and change the relationship between you and your business for the better. My role will be to provide you with valuable content, my experience, my insights and hold space, creating a strong container with guidance and compassion at the core.

“When we uplift others, we in turn uplift ourselves.”
― Elizabeth Nyamayaro, I Am a Girl from Africa

One of our basic human needs for well being is to belong, firstly to our families of origin and then moving out into society and community.  Finding our place and feeling secure in our right to be in our community is vitally important to our wellness and our capacity to grow and succeed.  My ambition with Weaving Women is to create a community of like minded women, whose desire is to align their business with their soul/ heart and grow their business without sacrificing their own well being.

You can do it alone but I guarantee 100% that doing it with the support of a group and with regular gentle nudges and guidance from me will help you grow your business and attract opportunities in an aligned way.

Weaving Women Business Coaching membership with Jackie Gowran

Are you ready to embrace your innate wisdom?

There are a lot of traditional business courses out there, and this isn’t one of them.

Yes, you’ll learn about business  and how to apply the learning to your business.  But Weaving Women will do so much more than just that.

In this safe container,  we’ll shine light on the forces (societal pressure,  conditioning, limiting beliefs…) that keep you from feeling whole in  your own body, business, and life.

You’ll face these head on with kindness and compassion, make friends with them and integrate them. This is the path to being in your wholeness.

A safe container..

Rest assured that this is a safe, nourishing community designed to empower all who identify as women.

This space is designed to empower people from all backgrounds and walks of life to unplug from the collective programming, and embody their inner wisdom.

My mission with Weaving Women is to work with you holistically to empower you in both your personal and business development over a period of time. It is in essence group coaching and training, ‘rising tide, raising all boats‘ concept.  It will be business focused with an underlying theme of personal development, growth and wellness throughout.


What’s included?

  • Monthly Zoom Workshops ,  deep dive on specific topics , voted on by the group. Workshops will be the first Wednesday of the month at 9:30am and 4:30pm
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call, a space for shadows, blocks and everything in between to bring out into the light. The Coaching Q&A sessions will also be recorded but in the interests of the group these will only be available to watch back for 2 weeks.
  • Supportive community, with a Private Instagram and a Group Chat, where I will also pop in occasionally with tips or feedback or simply joy!
  • Coffee morning sessions where my main role will be to create the container, set the tasks, breakout rooms, offer brief feedback and very crucially, where you can all help each other.  Peer learning at its best.
  • Access to all Workshop recordings as well as Tools and Templates and other bonus content with a dashboard for clarity and ease.
  • Direct email support if you have a query or concern.
  • Reduced rates for one-to-one work with me.

Personally I have 30+ years experience in business and have moved through most iterations (sole trader / partnership / limited company – all more than once),  I’ve had my share of learnings and speed bumps and I am passionate about imparting knowledge and evoking inquiry. Each month will have a theme and focus (there will be an opportunity for members to vote on their priorities).  Every topic will have supporting templates, additional content, podcasts and more. Workshops will vary in time according to the topic. Some will require you to complete a practical exercise. The dashboard will evolve into your business strengthening hub. There will also be space for bonus masterclasses throughout the year including from guest trainers.

Ready to start this journey?

Places are limited as I want everyone to have plenty of time and to create a space where you feel comfortable bringing anything you’re working on,  exploring any issues, receiving feedback and learning. 

Your Investment

6 Months Commitment either paid in full €240 (€40 a month) or paid monthly at €45 a month

1 year Commitment either paid in full €420 (€35 a month) or paid monthly at €40 a month.

This is a 100% deductible business tax expense

As the membership and Strengthening Hub develops the price will increase but as founding members you will have access to these introductory rates as long as you are involved

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Your Commitment

There is an invitation to meet 3 times each month but please feel under no pressure to always be there live.

The masterclasses will be recorded and uploaded to the Strengthening Hub dashboard as well as any templates or tools.

The Coaching Q&A sessions will also be recorded but in the interests of the group these will only be available to watch back for 2 weeks.

Private Instagram Page and Group to connect and share in.

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Your Requirements

This group is invitation only, to create and nurture a safe space.

This group is for those who have already worked with me through 1:1 Coaching, Group Programme or other. 

The collective energy and community is an integral aspect to this work, only join the group if you are willing to be open,  to be present and ready to learn and share with one another. 

Sign up by Oct 29th to receive your bonus Welcome Pack before we begin on November  3rd.

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Find Out More

If this all sounds exciting and aligned with what you need right now but you aren’t quite ready to commit I’d love to meet you on a Zoom call to answer any questions you might have and check we’re a good fit. You can book a time that suits you through the button below.

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Who is this for? This Programme is for you if you’re ready for more magic in your life or business, you want to step up into your aligned business and you want to feel supported and spiritually connected for a bigger, better future. Suitable for both product and service based businesses and different stages of business.

How do I get access?  The group coaching and the live workshops are held via Zoom. There will be a Strengthening Hub dashboard where all the content will be available  as well as a private Instagram group and page. All information will be sent to the members via email.

How else do I get access to coaching? You can contact me via email and if you feel you want additional support, you can always add on additional 1:1 coaching sessions.

When do calls take place? All calls will take place on Wednesdays at 9:30am and 4:30pm as the community grows and develops there will be space for additional coaching call times as well as bonus masterclasses. Workshops are the first Wednesday of the month, Coaching Calls are on the second Wednesday and Coffee Mornings are on the third Wednesday. If the time doesn’t suit but you would love to join please let me know.

How long are the calls? Most workshops will be 1.5hours, allow up to 2hours for our call on November 3rd as we set our intentions together for the group going forward

What is the Strengthening Hub? The Strengthening Hub is the members dashboard where you will have access to all Workshop recordings, masterclasses, tools and templates as well as guided meditations, EFT videos etc.