Upgrading my Purpose and Unlocking my Power

It’s time to embrace my own truth and inner wisdom and to help others to do the same. To run a business aligned with mind, body and spirit and guide others to tap into their own purpose.

 My journey has led me to approach business with not just the traditional approach but a holistic intuitive approach. I am constantly evolving and changing and I try to approach all of this with a willingness and openness.

I have always enjoyed helping others, but I want to do work that really matters and help people who want to overcome barriers and mindset shifts. People who are there for the right reasons and ready to embrace and accept the journey.  And the journey isn’t always easy, just because it feels right doesn’t mean it won’t take a lot of dedication and effort. It will have a few twists and turns to get to where you really want to be. I know my own journey has had plenty.

Now I know that my purpose is to help women follow their intuitive wisdom, rediscover their own magic, overcome barriers and create entrepreneurial success. I’m not the first intuitive business coach but as said by Elizabeth Gilbert ‘it might have been done before, but it hasn’t been done by you.

I have spoken about it at length, I have journaled, moulded, shaped and made bold choices to move forward.  And now it is time for less talking and more doing.  It is a subtle and yet substantial change from the old model of my past business style.  Business Weaving is a holistic approach, it is about helping you do business aligned with who they are and what is right for you.  A more yin (holistic and feminine approach) style, whilst still attending to the yang (action focused).

Today I have crossed a threshold.  I have stepped metaphorically into my business.  I have written my first blog post and I’m excited. New beginnings.

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