Short Courses

The person and not the business is what fundamentally makes a business. Let us help you as you weave the net of your business, strengthening the fibres and knowing where to place the important ties.

Together we will move your business into the next level!  Growth, strategy, marketing and planning – it all needs to line up with your purpose in order for your ideas, services and products to expand and reach their potential.

Due to current circumstances and restrictions surrounding Covid 19 the course is being restructured and will be delivered online. Please signup to the newsletter and we will let you know as soon as registration is open.

Module 1
Your Business Vision

• Strategic Planning explained
• Creating your 3 year vision
• The pathway to your vision
• Milestones identified
• Develop strategic plan

Module 2
Your Business Fibres

• Understanding the different stages of business
• You in your business – strengths and challenges
• Being your own best boss
• How to get out of your own way
• Developing a new way of being in Business

Module 3
Your Business Branding

• Exploring your business identity
• Understanding branding
• Developing your brand values
• Finding your brand voice
• Your brand personality
• Your branding brief

Module 4
Your Business Customers

• Developing clarity on your business customer
• Their needs and expectations 
• Finding your customer
• Being the guide not the hero
• Aligning your marketing