Shaping – Business Rhythms

Business mirrors life – how we show up in life often is mirrored in our business.  Our business is also a personal development journey. Like our life, our business will have patterns and different rhythms, learning to dance with the rhythm will serve us best, knowing where we are in the dance helps us keep the rhythm and not lose our step.  Sometimes we will get out of step finding our way back into step is the process.

Different rhythms can reappear again and again even after many years in business, you can be managing different rhythms at the same time, they are not linear.


The ‘shaping process’ can be related to moving from idea to business and equally relates to starting a new phase / development in your business. Any significant change or shift in your business will mean you will be back in the shaping rhythm.  This includes creating a website, changing your business model or any new development.

Accepting and knowing exactly where you are now and shaping where you want to go. Laying your foundations, pulling together the different elements, setting your intention.  Preparing for the next phase making new plans to allow space for the new.

Mantra for shaping is “I am”

I am creating a structure (for my business  / my new business service / brand etc.)

I am creating a  shape 

I am becoming more clear

I am ………

I am creating the…….

I am ………

All of this energy relates to the Root Chakra putting in place solid foundations.

This can mean different things according to what is going on for you, below are a few examples of how this might appear, it might look differently for you.

  • Starting a new business
  • Developing a new service or product
  • Changing your business model e.g. developing new income streams and ways of making money/ revenue.
  • Changing directions/ pivot
  • Coming forward in your business in a new way e.g. a subtle or dramatic change according to what is happening for you.  E.g. Even though I have always been Spiritual it is now showing up as an integral part of who I am in business – what does this look like for your business or what changes can you identify that you would like to make in the future.  
  • Other examples can include; Developing clarity on your customer and your messages to attract this ideal customer more.  It can be as simple as stronger boundaries and saying No to work that is not aligned with you.

What it looks like when you are shaping a new business.

What it looks like when you are shaping a new business.

  • Ideas/ Too many ideas
  • Is it a business?
  • Learning / Training in something 
  • Preparing
  • Researching
  • Talking about it / or not
  • Getting your stuff together
  • Figuring out timing if moving from employment / commitments 
  • Doing the sums / budget
  • Why put myself through this?
  • Excitement /energised


  • Trying to make it perfect
  • Waiting for it to be perfect
  • Fear
  • Not trusting yourself / doubting
  • To many ideas
  • Procrastination
  • Not wanting to tell people
  • Why put myself through this?
  • Who am I to think I might ……..
  • Is the right direction?
  • How do I start, why start?

What it looks like when you are reshaping your business.

What it looks like when you are reshaping your business.

  • Ideas/ Too many ideas
  • Preparing/ Researching
  • Talking about it / or not
  • Getting it together / Figuring it out
  • Often slower than you want it to be
  • Learning / Training in something new
  • Holding back
  • Or have no choice but to throw yourself in at the deep end. External forces demand it.


  • Questioning yourself and wondering what others might think
  • Fear / fear of being judged / fear of it not working etc.
  • Procrastination
  • Not wanting to tell people
  • Why put myself through this?
  • Who am I to think I might ……..
  • Is this the right direction?
  • Holding back
  • Low level anxiety

Actions Steps

  • TRUST.  Most important action step above all else is to TRUST yourself.  Once you can do this the shadows are immediately less scary.  Surround yourself with reminders of this, the word trust in key places, regular affirmations, surround yourself with people who encourage you to trust and follow through etc.  Immerse yourself in trust and have this reflected back to you as often as possible, your job is to create a trusting environment for yourself.
  • Identifying if it is right for you – take it at a pace that suits you.
  • Review timing in context of market place – to inform your decisions
  • Review competition/ pricing – to inform your decisions
  • Keep it simple
  • Decide who to tell / supportive people / people who will give you solid feedback
  • Seek business advice / training / coaching as you go.
  • Remember you don’t have to do everything right now or do it all right now.
  • One step at a time. 
  • Let your thoughts flow.
  • Allow the fear, anxiety, excitement, flatness, allow them all – its part of the human experience and then surrender to trust.
  • Remind yourself of the alternative (likely to look more like stagnation, regret, always wondering what if….)
  • Step one slow step at a time into your own sovereignty.  
  • Accept it is a process


    • You are not alone, unless you choose to be alone in this, there are supports available
    • It is a process 
    • Every business needs to evolve and change
    • Change is challenging
    • You are always changing and evolving – it is simply more visible in your business.
    • Was there ever really an alternative plan?  (likely to look more like stagnation, regret, always wondering what if….).
    • We all have shadows
    • Our shadows keep us humble
    • Our shadows are where there is deep wisdom, learning and opportunity for growth