Root Chakra – Embodied Business

Stability | Adaptability | Security | Infrastructures in our business |
Foundation | Earth | Grounding | Survival | Body | Beginnings | Boundaries

The Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine, relates to our survival instincts, sense of grounding and our connection to our physical body.

With your Root Chakra being, well, the root of your entire life experience, being able to feel safe, grounded and secure means you need to honor your soul and not stray towards things that make you feel lofty, alone or out of alignment.

  • What is your business? Are you clear on its identity?
  • Do you have direction? Clarity on your vision?
  • What’s frustrating you about this current phase?
  • Where are you feeling stuck right now?
  • What would you like more clarity on?
  • How is your relationship with money?

Imbalanced Root Chakra

Feeling Stuck

Sense of ‘stuckness’ and frustration in your business. ‘Not feeling it’ and not sure how to change it or which step to take next.

Frustration and Short Fuse

Especially with your close family, friends or team members close to you. Or getting frustrated with external things or people out of your control e.g. Courier

Excessive Anxiety or Worry

Mind is overly active, worrying about the what ifs…… Feeling unsettled in your business and life. Not easy to switch off. Easy to tip into feeling tired or exhausted.

Aches and pains

In your legs, feet or lower back or having issues with your colon or lower intestines.

Balancing Your Root Chakra

Balancing your root chakra in your businessGet to know your root chakra –whenever you feel completely drained of energy check in with your root chakra.

Develop your vision, its ok if its not clear yet, but if you don’t know where you are heading this is very ungrounding.

Clarity helps to give you direction, purpose and anchors you – planning with softness.

Build up your support network, when we feel heard, supported and understood it helps us to take small steps out of comfort zone – each step is another step in the right direction.Become more clear about your purpose (more about this later also), it is easier to make choices and decisions which are rooted in purpose and aligned with your values and vision rather than motivated by underlying fear, anxiety and frustration.

Be patient and kind towards yourself. Self compassion, life is a series of steps and change.

Awareness is the first step and then actively doing what we can to build our awareness and strengthen our root chakra e.g. Time in nature, journaling etc.

Vision Development

How to develop your business visionDevelop or re-visit your business vision.

Knowing your direction will give you focus.Allow it to unfold.

Assess your strengths. Utilise your strengths.

Align your business with you and what is true for you.Be inspired by role models or competitors in different geographical locations, other business owners, podcasts etc.

Tune into the market place, the business community, eliminate isolation – peer learning is invaluable, be among like minded people

Journal, Mind Maps, Vision Board– set your intention

Stillness, quiet time with no agendas – even 5 mins every day – build it up.

Meditate, contemplation whatever works for you.

Your desires need to eventually move to your Root Chakra to be grounded and rooted within your whole sense of being.

When our desires are rooted they can grow. They can evolve, and manifest.

Remember it is a process, a life long journey – not a sprint.

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