A Friday reflection on the Business shadows

I’ve had a week full of 1:1 clients and group work, a week of holding space for others, this work is powerful and transformative but often emotional as we work together to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs. But it is always humbling and inspiring to be part of the journey, to witness others allow themselves to be vulnerable, to seek support and guidance so they can continue to grow and embrace all parts of themselves.

Running your own business is full of so many shadows but it is through embracing your shadows that you create lasting change.  The shadows are there, they always will be but remember they are part of the magic that makes you YOU. They are trying to keep you safe but don’t let them keep you small.

When your mind wants to keep you small, ground back into your body, anchor into your heart, listen to your gut and trust in yourself .

In order to fully accept yourself, you can’t shy away from your shadows. That’s not being in your wholeness.  My hope when working with you is to help empower you to accept your shadows and the opportunities they provide. To accept yourself with compassion where you are at now, where you were in the past and where you will be in the future.

Life and business are interconnected, they are not separate, things change and sometimes need to change. Allowing this is the key.

Now this afternoon, time for some breathing space, time to ground in my garden and come back to my own body .

An Intention – for Strengthening You and Your Business

Connect in with yourself, the universe, spirit guides, the divine (whatever is true and feels right for you).

I am here today armed with my ideas, my experience, my strengths, my hopes, my dreams and ambitions and I am enough. I am enough and I have enough. I know there is always more wisdom and learning to come, however already I am enough.

Let me kind and compassionate towards myself, especially when I feel a little wobbly and fall into my old patterns of comparing and wanting to be at a different point.

Allow me to open up the space in my mind, body and spirit to manifest my ideas and dreams.

I accept there is always a starting point, every business has a beginning, I am shaping and strengthening my business and myself day by day, week by week.

Every day brings me one step closer and so it is with kindness and compassion I take a step every day, building the structures of my business day by day. I acknowledge each step.

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