Embodied Business – Group Programme

Create your own formula in life and business, learn to trust your inner wisdom and uncover your truth.

Let's get started!

Are you ready to go inward, learning to connect with your body and your intuition. To align your business in a heart centred way to your own beliefs, values and very importantly your ‘why’.

To build a business that aligns with your own purpose and what you want your business to look like. So that you are not continuously looking to others to see what they are up to, getting distracted and going off track from your own purpose.

Throughout the three months we will work together looking at the bigger picture vision and what that looks like for you, throwing out the rule book and all the ‘shoulds’ we hold onto.

We’ll look at how you want your business to be structured, as well as the values that bring that your vision to life. Your values are a compass that can guide you through your business decisions and how you run your business as a whole.

The whole idea is to allow us some structured time to reflect – sometimes we need some support to dig deeper, to unpick things and make things clearer as to how you want to move forward in your business.

One of the reasons I’m running it as a group coaching programme is because we often need accountability, support and structure to do the work. We might already have an idea of where we want the business to go but having the accountability of working in a group really helps to dedicate time to it and ourselves.

Are you ready to embody the business you REALLY want?

  • Maybe your business doesn’t look the way you want it to.
  • You might be right at the beginning and still unclear on your vision and direction.
  • Or maybe you’ve been putting up with a business that SHOULD feel great, but deep down, doesn’t quite align.
  • You’re tired of going round in circles. Settling for someone else’s idea of what your dream should look like.
  • And you’re done following strategies and practices that feel so wrong they make you question your ‘why’ and your ‘purpose’.

Let’s get started!

Let’s try doing things in an aligned way..

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to running and developing your business. There is no 10-step plan that’s going to work for every single person who tries it. Because we’re all different. We have different offerings and we have different customers too.

Before we can get to the truth of our heart and purpose we may first need to go through all that protects and closes our heart. The focus is on you creating your own formula in life and business, learning to trust your inner wisdom and uncover your truth.

What’s included?

Join me on this group programme and you will get:

  • 3 months of group coaching and mentoring.
  • 8 x  2-hour Zoom video calls @7pm with guaranteed, focused time each week for every participant.
    First hour will be workshop style and the second will be discussion based, coaching and Q&A.
  • Workshop recordings as well as a detailed 2 page PDF with the key learnings, insights, prompts and advice will be sent out after each session.
  • Sharing the journey with a small group of likeminded souls.
  • Option to be paired up with an Accountability pod – you will be expected to have short  check ins together throughout the programme.
  • WhatsApp Group to share insights, breakthroughs and anything that is coming up.
  • Welcome Pack delivered to your home – Embodied Business Journaling Prompts Booklet and an A5 Embodied Business Badly Made Books notebook.

What’s covered in the course?

Each session is a deep dive into new subject matter to help you live your brightest life and express your highest self.
I will only be taking a small group of committed women on the Aligned journey.

Embodied business group coaching programme

Dates to be confirmed

Places are limited as I want everyone to have plenty of time and to create a space where you feel comfortable bringing anything you’re working on, exploring any issues, receiving feedback and learning. If you are feeling called to take part then please sign up soon, extended payment plans available upon request.

Ready to start this journey?

When signing up you can book your first 30 minute 1:1 call, ideally this call will take place in the two weeks pre the course start date.

Option 1

One payment of

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Option 2

Two monthly payments of
€185 (Total €370)

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Option 3

Three monthly payments of
€125 (Total €375)

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Scholarship Place €160

I trust those that apply to be honest about their situation and only apply if they’re truly interested in diving in. If you would like to apply for a scholarship send me an email to jackie@businessweaving.com

Find Out More

If this all sounds exciting and aligned with what you need right now but you aren’t quite ready to commit I’d love to meet you on a Zoom call to answer any questions you might have and check we’re a good fit. You can book a time that suits you through the button below.

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Who is this for? This Programme is for you if you’re ready for miracles and magic in your life or business, you want to step up into your aligned business and you want to feel supported and spiritually connected for a bigger, better future.

How do I get access?  The group coaching and the live workshops are held via Zoom. All information will be sent to the participants via email.

How else do I get access to coaching? I’m literally there to hold your hand every step of the way. You can contact me via email and the WhatsApp Group and if you feel you want additional support, you can always add on additional 1:1 coaching sessions.

When do calls take place? Calls will take at 7pm on Tuesdays and everything is recorded so you can catch up in your own time if you can’t be there live.

What does the accountability look like? As well as our group coaching sessions, you will be sent weekly emails, including tools and templates. On top of this you have the option of being paired up with an Accountability pod and it will be expected that you check in with them throughout the programme.