Creating an Aligned Brand Experience

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Branding is far more than just a logo; good branding and the brand experience seeps into every touchpoint with your customers and potential customers. A cohesive brand experience can be the difference from potential customers choosing you over competitors!

In this interactive 4-part course you will be given tools and templates to help you become your own best brand ambassador and publicist. With increased clarity and confidence in creating relevant and engaging content.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Have greater understanding of branding and the branding process.
  • Have analysed and evaluated your current brand — brand audit.
  • Have examined your business identity and your brand vision and defined your brand.
  • What you do — customer value proposition, Why it matters — brand values.
  • Have a clear brand blueprint to enable you to bring your business vision to life.
  • You will have learnt the value of branding for business and feel confident as your own brand ambassador, building customer loyalty, as well as maintaining and protecting your brand.
  • Managing your brand integrity throughout all of your content and staying true to your brand values, voice and personality.
  • Moving towards strategic marketing content aligned with your customer.