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Time to uncover who you truly are and what you truly want

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Are you clear about who you want to be, how you want to feel, how you want to live, what you stand for and what you actually want?

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make is simply not getting clear on what they actually want. Until you do, your energy will be diluted, scattered and unclear.

First let’s discuss why you might not have clarity:

  1. You’re afraid that once you declare what you really want, you’ll be setting yourself up for disappointment if you don’t get it/call it in /achieve it?
  2. You know deep down what you want, but you’re afraid of what people will think if you declare it/ take action towards it?
  3. You haven’t slowed down enough to do the self-exploration required to figure out not only what you want, but how you want to feel.

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If I just described you, know that your feelings are valid.

We live in a world where what you want isn’t deemed important. It’s more important to follow the path that makes sense and that’s a sure thing. So, stopping to consider what ‘s actually meant for YOU because you’re a unique being, is not something that we’re really taught to do. So, your fears around doing the self-exploration necessary to get this unique clarity, those are all real and valid fears.

I am here to fully and completely support YOU if …

  • You feel ready to shine a light on what is REALLY holding you back and let it go.
  • You feel ready to explore new ways to care for yourself and improve your health and happiness.
  • You feel ready to invest in YOU and live in line with what you hold important.

There is no time like the present, because …

You ARE worthy of those goals and desires becoming reality. BUT if they continue to be ignored, then nothing changes.

Let’s get started!

What is the impact of that on your life and happiness?

Fear. Doubt. Lack of clarity. These are noisy, powerful and consistently internal chatter that are stopping you in your tracks. Maybe they want to keep you small, protected and to settle. Maybe they say you’re not good enough, not experienced enough, don’t have enough time …enough, enough, enough.

So nothing flows, nothing changes and we stay stuck still doing the same thing.

What parts of you are you still hiding?

Identify them, embrace them and integrate them – this is the path to becoming whole.

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Now is the time to live a life where you are all of YOU, not just part of you.

Using Intuitive coaching skills, I am here to take you on a journey of rediscovery; a journey that will reconnect you to your authentic self so that you can live your life in alignment and flow.


Our coaching sessions are an exploration of who you are and the life you are creating.

We’ll uncover who you truly are and what you truly want. We will work to integrate everything not only the physical body but the spiritual body, mental body and emotional body.

Exploring the threads of your story will help you to understand how these have been woven into the patterns and themes of you and your life.

Here’s how we can work together:

I offer holistic coaching support over 3, 6 and 12 month periods.

Simply choose between a one of my packages below. You’ll be automatically directed to my coaching system (Calendly) where you can choose your payment terms, and book your sessions at times to suit.

Our time together is safe space where you are invited to show  up as your whole self, even the bits you haven’t embraced yet or feel ashamed off.

The focus is on you creating your own formula in life. You’ll discover who you are as the author of your own story. 

My role will be about supporting you 100% to..

  • give you the clarity and confidence you need to keep going
  • give you the tools to find steadiness and clarity even amongst the change
  • create bespoke guides to support you
  • give you perspective in those moments of inspiration AND overwhelm
  • help you identify what is really holding you back and guide you through finally shifting them
  • keep you motivated, inspired and focussed
  • hold you accountable to those commitments you’ve made to yourself and keep you moving towards your goals every damn day

Jackie Gowran

I would love to hold this space for you on your journey to understanding yourself better so that you can amplify your magical uniqueness in all areas of your life.

Let’s get started!

Choose a package that’s right for you

Awaken Your Potential

3 months Clarity Coaching

This option is for you if you are ready to take ownership of the way you’re living, lean into what’s holding you back and gain the knowledge and tools to support yourself.

Let’s work together to bring it back into alignment, to move from forcing to flowing and give you and your life a complete boost of new energy, work through blocks and create momentum. It’s time to start writing your own rules and your own way of living.

We will be setting intentions/goals and I will be helping to keep you accountable in taking action steps forwards, becoming a more aligned version of you.

Here’s what’s included…

  • An exploratory questionnaire that will get you thinking about what you want and need from coaching and your life, how this measures up to your overall values, goals and intentions.
  • Intuitive Session: 90 minutes A deep dive into your personal story that brought you to this point.  I will listen with an open heart and I will feedback to you my intuitive insights and together we will identify the important fibres which have informed and shaped you.  We will establish your values, needs and wants.
  • Personalised action steps after each session, including handouts, templates, exercises and worksheets.Relevant actions / exercises / explorations will be sent to you as you progress and to  support you at the different stages, each of these are tailored for you.
  • Over 6 more hours of zoom calls as your journey of discovery unfolds to unpack your findings from the exercises, help you gently break old patterns holding you back and show you a new way emerging – exploring your new possibilities together. 90 minute sessions in week 3, 6 , 9  and 12. .
  • 3 months of 1:1 support, Email and WhatsApp support to check in, offer guidance, insights and advice  over the 3 month period

I’ll support you all the way!

Your investment =  €680 

Currently booking clients for 2022

Book here – 2 instalments of €345 Book here – full payment of €680

Expand, Explore & Elevate

6 months Clarity Coaching

This option is for you if you feel disconnected from yourself, unsure of what you want, unclear about your direction and purpose and as though you are existing and not truly living.  Maybe it all feels a little like it’s falling apart, going wrong or you are just not satisfied.

This is a powerful opportunity to look at your life, your values, your wants and needs and whether you are living the life you want to be living. This is the time for a wake up call.

This will be a soulful journey to truly align with your vision, your dreams, your purpose, your heart, your truth, your voice, your authenticity, your beliefs, your worth, your value, your intuition and your true nature.

You have the power to realise and live in your wholeness. No matter how long you’ve felt like you’ve been wearing the wrong hat, there is still time to change, to come back to you and your truth.

We will be setting intentions/goals and I will be helping to keep you accountable in taking action steps forwards, becoming a more aligned version of you.

Together we will work towards expanding your possibilities and vision, exploring your hidden truths and to elevating as a more empowered woman who is operating from a higher frequency and able to bring more value to every area of your life.

Here’s what’s included…

  • An analysis of your current life and vision. We look at what’s working for you, your values, your wants and needs.
  • A detailed questionnaire that will get you thinking about what you want and need from you and your life, how this measures up to your overall goals and values and how to hold
  • 3 x 2 hour zoom sessions to explore and dive deeper to create a roadmap that feels right for you, these will be your guides and action plan. The first (week 1) will be at the start of the coaching journey, the second (week 12) in the middle to assess where you are at and dive deeper into anything that has come up,  and the third (week 24) will be at the end to review and create a guide for beyond the coaching.
  • Zoom recordings will be shared with you.
  • We look at your life, goals and intentions and explore creating aligned actionable steps.
  • Personalised action steps after each session, including handouts, templates and worksheets
  • You will also have 9 more hours of zoom calls, broken into a 90 minute sessions at the end of week 3, week 6, week 9, week 15, week 18 and week 21.
  • 6 months of 1:1 support, Email and WhatsApp support to check in, offer guidance, feedback, insights and advice  over the 6 month period
  • Welcome pack delivered to your home.

I’ll support you all the way, to step out of push, struggle and stuckness and into ease, flow and joy.

Your investment =   €1,200 

Currently booking clients for 2022

Book here – 3 instalments of €400 Book here – 2 instalments of €600 Book here – pay in full €1,200

Any Questions?

I’m so happy to discuss if business coaching and mentoring is right for you and if I am the right fit for you. If not, I may be able to help you find another coach. If you have questions or you’d like to talk before you book, email me or book a free 15 minute discovery call so we can talk about timings and suitability.

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