Jackie Gowran

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A Friday reflection on the Business shadows

I’ve had a week full of 1:1 clients and group work, a week of holding space for others, this work is powerful and transformative but often emotional as we work together to overcome blocks and limiting beliefs. But it is always humbling and inspiring to be part of the journey, to witness others allow themselves …

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Giving receiving balanced

The balancing act of Giving and Receiving

Last week, with my Embodied Business group, we were discussing the sacral chakra and its influence on your life and business, within that is the balancing act of giving and receiving. It had me again pondering the art of giving and receiving that is another of the many lessons I have had to learn to …

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How to develop your business Vision

Developing or refreshing your business vision Making changes, whether it is to follow through on the seeds of a business idea or making a significant life change is a challenging process. You are excited, but equally it can be a scary time. Change requires us to move out of our comfort zone. It takes courage, …

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Upgrading my Purpose and Unlocking my Power

It’s time to embrace my own truth and inner wisdom and to help others to do the same. To run a business aligned with mind, body and spirit and guide others to tap into their own purpose.  My journey has led me to approach business with not just the traditional approach but a holistic intuitive …

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